Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

April 29, 2013

PPJ Recap

Its almost May and Peter has gone off to Bundaberg for a week to check on the boat and organise work that has to be done.

He managed to drag 40kg of spares over and we have more!!! Considering all the stuff we now have on board has been added since 2009 when we bought the boat in Mexico, that is a lot of luggage dragged across the Pacific and now Australia!

We have engine parts, a new prop and an amazing split coupling from the UK. Beautiful, solid stainless steel! The new assy is on its way, so we are now more equipped to do some light air sailing..which means life according to Murphy...we will get a beating!

There are cushions to be re-upholstered and other bits to add. We can't afford the $4000 to get the bottom soda blasted (so OTT!) but we are going to pay people to sand the anitfouling instead. We figure there is 20 years of a build up of paint on the bottom...just more weight to push around!

Below is the link for the PPJ 2012 recap. Some great comments which also allow us ot re-visit so many awesome memories of people and places.Very pertinent comments like..the SE Trades being non-existent and the constant cross swells. We have a comment published......importance of weather of course! Intersting stats. Remember this is only for the crossing from the Americas to the Marquesas...the big long leg! Interesting to see the difference in miles sailed from yacht to yacht given those leaving from the same locations. We did not have any breakages at that point, but them of course we had gear box and engine issues (injectors) later in Tahiti. Not sure why we did not put our engine hours many to count??? We actually sailed over 70% of the way, but given the distance and the limit of fuel on board, that is not surprising.  All in all, we did well!

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