Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

March 9, 2013

Summer Sizzles On

We are now in Autumn but the days are continuing to get up to 35 C, however we are now having cooler nights and a few cooler days.

Cottelsoe Beach had their annual Sculptures By The Sea, which was a lot of fun. Some great ideas. In the background above are a group of sticks with wind vanes on them. They create music through a bamboo tube Indonesian Angklungs. We will have to go listen when we get a huge sea breeze!

What else would one do but enjoy Gelati by the beach??

We now have our Kiwi Prop from NZ..feathering prop as opposed to folding.....we now hope that we can motor at around 6 - 7 knots. Now that would be novel for us! Wonderful service from the Kiwis of course! We are also in the market for an assy, so hopefully less motoring and more sailing in light breezes. People had said to us that we would suffer from not having light air sails in the Pacific...should have listened...maybe then our gear box would have made it to Fiji and saved us a heap....

Bundaberg is recovering from the floods and we hope to be back on board in June, then back here for 10 days in July to mind the grandchildren whilst Emily and Mark take a holiday.

Hitchhiker, with Sam and Barn are doing Hamilton Is Race week, so we will head up to there with Stolen Kiss, then down to Sydney for the summer. We have invites to go to Magnetic Is Race week, so if we can make it we will. (A taste of racing here and we just can't help ourselves!!)

Due to the number of yachts last year that overstayed their visas in French Polynesia, the government has had a severe crack down from this interesting year if those crossing the Pacific are not up to scratch on their info.

As for our refund from Customs/Ozone, apparently they are ensuring that yachts importing next year will not be do not have to pay the Ozone Tax, even if Customs say you have to. If anyone is in contact with Ganga and Happy Cat, who were made to pay the tax in Coffs, let them know about pursuing a refund. We have not got ours yet, but apparently it is coming!

HOT OFF THE PRESS....Refund has been approved and should be in our bank next week! Thanks to Customs. Department of Sustainability ....hopefully their poor legislation can be changed with a change of government later in the year. (We live in hope!) Such a scam. So....if you are importing a yacht into Australia, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY OZONE TAX! Bundaberg is now clear on this, lets hope other ports are!

We are both gainfully employed and are meeting our wish list for the boat! We miss cruising and especially the wonderful people we have met!

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