Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

May 4, 2013

Back to Bundaberg

Peter spent a week in Bundaberg to organise work to be done on the boat and to fit our new additions. It is the first time either of us has been on board since the floods and it was a relief to see that we were dry inside and that there was no mould. Vinegar is our saving grace! We are secure in an excellent cradle (different to the one we left her in!) and you can see the chain above, holding each side of the cradle.

We appear to be leak free; that is, until we go sailing again! It seems that Peter has finally, after several attempts, fixed the leak around the mast collar.

Our split coupling is on and we have great hopes for it to hold on to the shaft! Peter was able to cut the worn    key way off and attach the split coupling. He had thought long and hard about this repair and it saved us having to buy a new shaft, which is problematic as we have to drop the rudder to get it out.

So now we have the new gear box, the flexible coupling and the split coupling!

We also have high hopes for the Kiwi Prop, allowing us to motor faster than 4.5 knots! Peter had the nut machined to fit in Bundaberg, but other than that, all assembled easily.

The batteries were fully charged so the solar panels had done their job well. Cushions are off being re-covered so we look forward to getting everything back together.

Whilst looking for transport and accommodation for the week, Peter decided on a Mr Juicy van for $32/day from Brisbane. He stayed in the marina car park for the week, having access to ablutions there. What a fabulous solution! The van came with all the necessary equipment and unlimited miles. He could not stay on board as the boat is still in the storage yard. Peter was allowed access to the boat during the day. There is no power or water in this section of the yard, but you can do work on the inside of the boat.

Meanwhile summer in Perth is sort of over and we are waiting for winter rains. There have been sensational beach days and of course sun sets!

Our plan is to head north up to the Whitsundays then down to Sydney for summer. Hitchhiker is doing Hamilton Island Race Week which Sam (sail master) and Barn (trimmer) are of course involved in. We will be the proud 'olds' watching from the sidelines.

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