Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

February 22, 2012

On Passage Panama to Galapagos

On Passage Panama to Galapagos. February 2012.

Day 3 and 4

Ho hum now as we have lost the wind and positive current. Progress is slow under motor. There was some concern that we would run out of fuel! Think we are ok now but hoping for a SE wind near the equator.
We have now passed well away from the Columbian Island that has a naval presence. 100 miles out of Panama we were interrogated on VHF at length by the Panamanian Navy. One chap sounded American so maybe a joint effort with drug patrols. I am sure our details will be passed on to Australian/NZ Customs.
Have had one ship pass close by and another vessel around 0200 this morning. Perhaps one of the trawler type boats doing the Pacific. It was going along at around 8 knots.

Ann and Terry are doing well. We are passing a lot of time by playing cards and reading. Eating well! The fish are winning as we are going too slow for them to be tempted by our lures! A nice boat wash came by. Terry was out scrubbing the deck!!

A huge pod of bottle nose dolphins, some very large came, to play this morning. Ann took some great photos.

We had many birds coming to check out the fish around the boat (of course there were none!) and one beautiful Lava Gull decided to rest for a while. He was a long way from home!

We now have 300 miles to go, which puts us in Galapagos, Sat morning our time and Sat night Perth time.
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