Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

February 20, 2012

On Passage

 Panama to Galapagos. Feb, 2012

Day 1 and 2

Motoring for the first 12 hours, we thought about what would happen if we ran out of fuel! Galapagos is approximately 900nm.

 A nice relaxing time for broter and sister!

However, at 2000 hrs last night, we found the NE wind and off we went! A quiet night at around 15 knots..all behind us. As it was so calm we entertained ourselves by playing cards for a few hours.
Day 2 saw the wind pick up to around 18-22 knots, pushing us along at around 8 knots. We feel we have current with us (west bound equatorial current??) but not sure as our speed log will not hold memory and we have nothing to set it by.

For first time ocean passagers, Ann and Terry settled into the cruising life very well.

Now around 1600 hrs on day 2, the wind has died. We have 655 nm to go to Galapagos.
Every morning their is a net on the HF. There are boats in front of us and boats behind us. The weather window closes down from Wednesday. No wind, or at least that was the last forecast. We are now trying to organise a yacht to bring out our guard rails that for some reason FEDEX could not deliver, even though they were in their van for 3 days. We gave up waiting as we had to get going. Ann and Terry are doing well but were a little despondent when we said how far we have to go! It should be a 6 day passage. VPP2, our interactive pilot charts are keeping us to the north of Galapagos. We suppose its to cross the east setting equatorial counter current on the equator, near the Galapagos. So far we have had positive current with us all the way.
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