Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

February 24, 2012

Panama to Galapagos

Panama to Galapagos, Days 5 and 6.

Barn and start booking for Tahiti!!

We sort of expected to arrive in Galapagos by the end of Day 6, but lack of wind and slow going at the end has put us back a day. Unless we can pull some wind out of a magic bag and sail tomorrow, we will have to hove to for a night until we can enter in daylight. Our ETA is early tomorrow evening, after dark.

Day 5 was unexpected with a beautiful 10 kt SSE wind, giving us a good sailing day of around 6 knots for 14 hours. Peaceful and cool!!! The winds have been consistently from the SE quadrant since 3N so not much needed for sail trim. Nights have been quiet with many stars. Now we have a New Moon, we will get a little moonlight for a few hours in the early evening. We can still see the horizon though with the light from the stars.

Day 6 has been slow with lighter winds from the same SE quadrant (SE Trades). A good day for playing cards rather than have them flying around like yesterday. I decided to do some baking this morning to use up some fruit that had seen its best days. The look on Peter's face seeing me busy in the galley said it all!!!! Peter cooking a nice Indian dinner for tonight. Some advantages of calm weather!

Ann and Terry are doing well on their first passage, although Terry is a little over this now he can see the end in sight. We will have a little ceremony for them crossing the equator for the first time on the ocean. For Peter and I its our 5th crossing. We have had no luck with fishing!! They have been doing the 1900 to 2200 watch, which makes it easier for us. Terry also likes to stay on deck during the day, so we can get lots of bits and pieces done down below and have an afternoon nap.

It is late afternoon and we only have 155 miles to go!
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