Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

December 28, 2012

Sizzling Summer in Perth

Summer in Perth...our first for a very long time! There is nothing like it. Between xmas and New Year, we have had a week of temperatures hovering around 40 degrees Celsius. Only 1 place to the beach!!

We might not have palm trees, but we have lots of space and amazing white sand and gloriously clear water!

Our time has been flying by with Peter working and dividing our time between the grandchildren and boating with friends. What else does one do when away from Stolen Kiss???

A weekend down south with the 4 grandchildren on our own was just delightful. The two older ones are self sufficient so there are only the two smaller ones to really watch out for. 

Every year our friend Timmy takes his Grand Banks to Rotto for the Kite Surfing race back to Fremantle. 
The trip down the river and over to Rotto is just as enjoyable with Di and Gorbar also at the ready. 

The harbour is nice and quiet before xmas. The white building represents an upside down dinghy and is our Maritime Museum.

We got to spend lunch in Thompson's Bay whilst Timmy went to the briefing. Very quiet here as well!! A different story over the xmas break.

It takes the kite surfers around 26 minutes to do the 9km dash. By the time we finish the start, get anchors up and move off, they are half way there. What a spectacle!! They had a 22 knot sea breeze, so a little wind for them.

The local rag published a great photo of the start boat from the beach!!

Peter's two boys had some of the xmas cooking in hand......most of the men in our family are the chef's! Good role modelling from their dad!!

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