Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

October 29, 2012

Bundaberg gettting closer!

Day 4 and 5 of passage.

Generally we have had good sailing, with motor sailing in lighter airs.

In the early hours of day 4 (0200 of course) we passed through our first front in the Pacific, managing to avoid the others. It is impossible to go from Noumea to Bundy at present without going through a front, so we chose a weak one. The wind stayed in the SE and built to 20 to 25 knots, with peak gust at 31 knots. Of course the sea state rapidly deteriorated and we soon had 3 to 4 m seas crossing us. We fell into a few big holes.

Once the main front had passed, the seas died down and we had full sails up enjoying a 8-9 knot boat ride for 10 hours! We ended up with a 173 mile 24 hour run, which is a first for us!

We crossed the EEZ (Econimic Exclusion Zone) last night and are now in Australian Waters.

However, after being the rooster, we are now the feather duster!! The remaining 140 miles will be slow!

We now have 100 miles to the bank at the northern end of Fraser IS and 140 miles into Bundaberg. Motor sailing in light winds with current against us! Another 50 miles and it should be with us as we will be in the EAC (remember Nemo....the East Australian Current!). No-one has mentioned the adverse currents we are all dealing with. Closing the coast with strong winds we can see would be problematic with winds against current and the resulting seas. One yacht sunk two weeks ago in a blow off here and another foundered. A timely reminder for us. Fortunately all people were safely taken ashore.

With full moon tomorrow on the 31st the nights have been enjoyable with clear skies, even though the moon has washed most of the stars out, they are still there!!

We are planning to arrive Bundy late afternoon on Wednesday so we can have a sleep before we need to clear in and complete the paper work!! We will do our usual pre-arrival clean and tidy on the way in.

We have been reflecting on our 11 month passage from El Salvador and across the Pacific. The sailing has not been what we expected, but what a year!

Australia here we come!

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