Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

October 11, 2012

Anatom, Vanuatu to New Caledonia

On Passage

We have had clear skies for 3 days now, or mostly, which is a treat. With very little moon, we had stars to give us some light last night.

With regards to the wind, we are in famine!! Had a bit of a SE wind yesterday and last night, but have been motoring since 0400 this morning. Slow!!! The swell is down to under a meter which is good, although it will bounce back up to 3-4 m by Monday as a big low goes through NZ. We expect a little or a lot of rain on our approach to New Cal with troughs and the like. The trough that was between Vanuatu and the Loyalties (60nm east of New Cal) dissipated as we approached it! You have ot be happy with that!

I have been busy baking to use up the supplies and Peter is going to make some pasta sauce to use up the onions. Good practice for Aus!!

We anticipate our arrival at Havannah Pass, on the east side of New Caledonia sometime around 0600 tomorrow morning, Saturday. We are hoping for slack water, but have conflicting info on when this might be. However, with calm conditions the pass should not be too boisterous. It is a 2 mile wide passage but with lots of currents. The plan is to go about 6 miles after the pass and anchor in Baie de Prony until Monday when we can then make our way the remaining 30 miles to clear into Noumea.

We would have had a rest by then from our 36 hour passage (!!) and get the flood through to Noumea. Its very tiring going so slow! Today we have decided on a Max Prop!!!

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