Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

September 28, 2012

Rain Stops Play

Wet, wet, wet!!! We were all set to check out and then, after a discussion of the weather with Gulf Harbour Radio on their HF Sched, we took their advice and decided to wait another 5 days!

Fiji is hiding behind the green and blue spots on the LHS between 0 and 30S..the above is today (the Pacific chart looks like a pair of eyes looking at you with a frown!! At least the squash zones are to the south!

....... and below is for Thursday...Fiji now under the blue and the red spots on the left! Courtesy of NZ met office. If the low does develop, they are talking cyclonic winds, albeit not very strong but packed with thunderstorms. YUK!

We have a stationary front that has been sitting over Fiji (caused by the jet stream) for a few days now, bringing rain and localised strong winds and a massive electrical storm with others threatening. The weather pattern has changed!! We can see how nice and clear it is in southern Vanuatu and New Cal.....we just have to get there.

With a kink in the isobars to the west of Fiji, there is a possibility of a tropical low developing, or not! Also possible is that it could develop early and head south over our track ESE towards the Neeshams. Needless to say we do not want to be out there in a tropical low if it does develop!

Having a dry Pacific crossing so far, the rain has finally caught up with us!!

So plan B is to leave the boat in Denarau Marina and go to Suva for a few days...$20 Fiji on the bus!

Meanwhile we have watched the whole BBC series of Gavin and Stacey! Thoroughly enjoyable!

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