Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

August 27, 2012

Tonga to SavuSavu, Fiji

We departed with Carillon after Red Sky decided to head south. They have been fun to have been with for so long. Good to meet up with Carillon after having met them in Chagos in 2006.

We had a good window with SE winds 15-20 knots, with the usual cross swells.  We are starting to sail our passages now. The 3 days so far has been fast, with the wind coming in 25 to 30 knots once in Fiji waters and the Koro Sea. The waves were short and sharp for a while, being around 4 m. We surfed down one at 9.7 knots!! So happy to be going with them!! We could not work out why our batteries needed charging three times in 24 hours. The climate control on the fridge had been bumped by something rolling around in there and was on freeze!!!!!! That has happened before and we need to keep an eye on this.

It appears that winds are generally stronger in the Koro Sea, especially when it funnels between the two major islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, or along the southern coast of  Viti Levu.

Its cool now with the need for woolies and jackets on deck. Even got the thermals out!!

We adopted Carillon's favourite down wind sail plan...headsail only! Excellent for running deep with speed and good stability.

Generally a bit of rolling on the passage has been tiring and it was wonderful to get into calm Savu Savu. Otherwise an easy passage. We entered the Koro Sea via Lakemba Passage, which is wide and easy, especially at night when we came through.

Bob McDavitt (NZ guru) has indicated that El Nino is now starting, so enhanced trade winds can be expected. I guess we will have wind (and seas!) between here and Bundaberg.

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