Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

June 21, 2012

Tahiti. Take 1.

Our sail from Rangiroa to Tahiti was a mere 180 miles and a little tricky as we were likely to be punching into a 35 knot SE wind on a course of 240, which would be a little more on the nose given the apparent wind. We saw a small window which was it for a week or so…..having to get the engine sorted (fuel injector pump issue resulting in us losing a cylinder) before Barns and Anita arrive……so off we went. We motored for the first 20 hours then had a magnificent sail doing 9 knots plus for the rest of the way. A little wet…but wow!! We saw Tahiti at noon and it took us until 8pm to anchor at Punta Venus at 2000 hrs.
Punta Venus, in the north is easy to get into at night as there is no fringing reef and we tuck up under the light house. We manage to swap our radar dome (an old Raytheon for a newer Raymarine) in Apataki (a throw away from another yachtie) which meant we had a new radar…except for after its excitement of Punta Venus, it too has died! Bugger!! We can get one from Defender (USA) for half the price of one in Aus, but not with a $1000 freight charge into Tahiti!!!!!!!!!

The view from our anchorage in the morning was not so bad………..

with the full moon setting over nearby Moorea.

We motored down outside the reef and took the main pass into Tahiti, then down to the anchorage outside Marina Taina and joined the fray. 

We were able to get a berth the next day, so here we sat for over two weeks waiting for our parts to be serviced; a job which takes 4 hours! They were, in fact, very busy.

We were in good company on the downside of the Super Yacht dock. Google owners do it in style…..

We met Marie 9dark hull) in Rangiroa; she did the Bath Bucket…Sam sent us a clip of the amazing Yacht (it deserves a capital) that Donny sailed on in the same race…we could see Marie in the background! The Super Yachts have a lot of Aussie and Kiwi crew….so we got to know a few. They very kindly helped Peter out with tools he needed for the engine. I was relieved to hear they still look for weather windows on passage....they can do it with a shorter window!!!

So what do we do whilst waiting in the marina apart from walking town to get bits and pieces???

We hired a car with Red Sky for an island tour. High on our list was Teahup’o, where the Billabong pro was held as we arrived….THE best wave in The world…which of course we missed as there was no surf….much to our disappointment.

The sign on the beach does not beat around the bush……the international word we all understand….

We drove to the southernmost town on the other side, Tautira, so Peter could buy their infamous Pan de Coco..a sweet coconut filled bun.

The Vaipahi Water Garden and numerous waterfalls were a worthy look.

We found many small anchorages and yards, with some yachts that had seen better days! Note the local interpretation of a dodger on the second boat....

A few local boats…hanging around….

Wherever we looked the vista was something to enjoy!

Every Sunday, many locals gather at the Lagoonarium, a 5 minute dinghy ride south of the Marina. Pontoons are moored in shallow water and the locals can hire them for the day. When in as the Romanians.....There is lots of space for a raft up…….

Although the water temperature is 27 degrees C, it can be quite cool after a few hours…so a 0.5 mm wettie is ideal!

Pedro and Peter…………Pedro is the Captain of Codessa…..and hails from La Paz, Mexico. It’s good to hear stories of La Paz since we had been there. Condessa was purchased in La Paz, and like many of us, is going to Australia.

Since there are too many of us to fit on one boat, the dock beckoned! These two are not an item….Elaine from Virgos Child (QLD) with Alan, Amnesia (Bunbury, with Fremantle registration!!)

Red Sky and Condessa (old cruising buddies from QLD)

 and the beautiful Italians, Marcello and Gabriella, whom we met in Rangiroa and are now next to us in the marina. We are all med-moored in the marina and apparently Marcello (the young handsome one!)reversed his boat in between the pontoons and in beside us with much finesse!

We now have the injector fuel pump and injectors serviced and the engine sounds it should??? The gear box is another problem as it slips occasionally..perhaps more than occasionally! Peter now thinks that when we came into the marina in 30 knots, he was actually not in reverse until we turned into the slip and he gave the engine more welly!! Ignorance is bliss. All we  have to do is get out!!

We have booked our haul out in Bundaberg for Nov so we can return home. 

In another two weeks, Barn and Anita will arrive. We will be in Moorea for a while checking things out. Others have enjoyed a jet ski tour around the bays and the manta ray/shark feeding where you stand waiste deep in water with the wild life coming up to you! If you go before the tourists, the sharks and rays come up to your chest as they think you are going to feed them!!! I am not so sure about this…Anita????????? I will stand behind Peter and Barn for sure!!

We only have just a little over a month left in French Polynesia, which is a pity as we have so many amazing places still to visit. Such is life! We are hoping for good weather between here and Tonga.  We have our weather sources sorted and hope, as with the previous 40,000 miles, the wind gods will be kind to us.

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