Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

April 20, 2012

Arrived Hiva Oa, Marquesas, April 20

We  made landfall at first light this morning and were anchored in Atuona, Hiva Oa by 0800. A welcomed site!!

Lucky for us a few boats had left and made a little space. Stern anchors out and in for a tight squeeze behind the breakwater. Our waterline was very grubby with goode neck barnicles attached from th ekeel forward. We ran a rope either side of the bow to the keel, pulling on it from both sides and cleaned the boat en route! After sitting in the anchorage for 2 days, the barnicles died, leaving their small shells, whcih were easier to clean off! What a bargain!

 Our last 24 hours at sea was fast and boistrous in 25 to 30 knot ESE winds and 2 to 3 meter swells. Going into an anchorage on a lee shore in those conditions is not particularly comforting but we had been chatting with a boat already in there on the HF so we knew all would be well.

Peter's solution to some chaffing on the lazy sheet worked a treat!

Being caught in NW winds at night for 6 days slowed us down as we had to keep gybing to make our way west and south; more of the former than the latter.

Our 25 day passage was therefore a little longer than expected, however it was always our plan to arrive on the 20th April, in keeping with our Pacific crossing plans. Early May saw the thunderstorms clear between the Galapagos and the Marquesas, but we were happy with our timing, even though it was a little wet!

We will be in the Marquesas (which so far is  stunning) for about 3 weeks. We have wifi at anchor in nearly all the places we will be visiting!

Peter said that now I don't have to wonder what it would be like spending a long time at sea, and for him, a week long passage is now a walk in the park!

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