Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

October 2, 2011

Busy Buzzing Bees

Spring in Perth and the SW of WA is a wonderful time as all the wildflowers are out; but so are the pollens which are just the thing for bees, but no so for hayfever sufferers! With La Nina being prevalent this year, Australia has had good rainfall (some areas far too much!) so the desert has come alive!

Although we will not get to go north to see the wildflowers, on previous occasions up there we have seen everlastings as far as the horizon. (ridgy didge!!) Everlastings are like the ones below..

In the desert, mixed with the ocre colour of the sand..the colours look sensational. South of Perth, in wine country, its the green and gold that we can see. Wattles are sensational...

But still there is more!!!!!!!! Beautiful Geraldton Wax..........

Then of course are the Grevillias..........

The flowering gums are really sensational. These trees are part of the eucalyptus family and ususally grow up to 30 - 60 meters and higher! (for those of you think in can do the conversions!).

An absolute favourite is the WA state emblem....the green and red Kangaroo Paw.

Grass trees or Balga bushes were called Black Boys in the old days before we became politically correct. The 'black' part came from the blackened trunks as there needed fire (intense smoke) to re-generate and propagate in the wild. The 'boy' bit you can work out for yourself!!

You can't see the trunks here as these are relatively young. We did find some nice aged ones, however there were some very large Murray Grey bulls sharing their space, and with only a thin fence between them and us...........hmm. Peter thought that the fence would hold but as the bulls were getting quite upset at our presence, I did not want to push my luck with a better photo!

With the flowers, come the beautiful birds. There are many electric BlueWrens that are around at the moment. He was obviously giving us the bum's rush.............

Not long to go now to get back on the sea again!

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