Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

June 4, 2010

La Pazz Continues

Life continues in one place, although we have anchored in 5 different places in the El Magote anchorage, finally settling on the east side of the sand bar, closer to the dinghy dock and a little closer in for protection from the night land breezes. Moving is good as it stops the anchor chain from providing yet another home for all that grows in that nutrient rich water!

The dolphins are still hunting in the anchorage, their position given away by the flock of pelicans that follow closely by, getting their share of the feeding frenzy. It is fun to paddle out and sit in the fray. The wild life is just amazing and having a kayak - even better to get out there. Whilst sitting in the middle of Caleta Partida (out at the islands) up popped 3 very large turtles!

Peter says it is time to move when we start offering information to others!!

Another cruiser says the definition of cruising is ‘’boat maintenance in exotic locations”!

Our 'must fix/replace' list continues as our depth sounder tried to go out in sympathy with our wind instrument and decided not to work!! Bugger! However, the ships master investigated it and got it working again. Phew. We will, however, get new instruments – Ray Marine so they can all talk to the autopilot! What happened to the KISS principle?????

Occupying our time is not an issue as we have sailed out to the islands a few times, enjoyed finding new restaurants and catching up with visitors who keep popping in!

Trevor (brother) and his partner Emma had a flying visit, staying on the Magote. We shared some wonderful meals and it was great to finally meet Emma and catch up with Trevor whom we had not seen for many, many, many years.

Baja 1000 came and went with much fanfare. It is an off road race down the Baja which sorts the men out from the boys!!! Some cars rolled, others collided with the natural elements, but by the end of the celebration, a good time was had by all!

The water is warming slowly but we are assured by the end of May it will be around 28 C. We are at the end of May and it’s 26 C. Our island visits are a way to keep our prop clean and ensure the anchor does not weld itself to the bottom! Surprisingly, the antifouling is holding up well as it is over two years old. As the area is almost devoid of coral, the growth on the hull and prop is just hairy with lots of sea lice! Visiting the islands needs a little thought as the night time Coromuel winds can turn nasty, leaving you in very exposed anchorages.

We spent a week in Marina Palmira fixing the dinghy leak and although contemplated another week there, it turned out to be a good decision to go as a large launch behind us came in with only one engine and only just missed Traveler who was next to us. They would have taken out our dinghy and davits for sure. If you are ever considering painting your dinghy with dinghy paint..DON’T DO IT!! Our dinghy now looks more pathetic being grey with white patches where the paint has rubbed off and red patches where it leaked!

Skip and Cathy from Traveler, whom we had met in San Carlos, finally arrived and we certainly shared some wonderful moments with them. Cathy and I decided that we wanted to go for a walk up the ‘hill’ which boasts a cross on its peak. The gentlemen of course, not wanting to be outdone by the girls, decided to come as well. We were not sure of the track but had heard from others it was a steep, but easy climb. Peter led the way, having no idea of the track. Although we all decided it was not the correct way, we kept going, for reasons totally unknown. So we got to the top, feeling like rock climbers doing the real thing, clinging to the cliff face before finding a goat trail a meter from the top, and the cross. Nice view though..and the way down..easy, peasy!

Another expedition with Traveler was less tiresome, more interesting and very amusing! We hired a car to visit the southern portion of the Baja, including the not so infamous art centre of Todos Santos and the infamous Cabo San Lucas.

Todos Santos boasts THE Hotel California, but it was actually a gag to get the tourists there. Hotel California does not actually exist. We have this on good authority..the net!!

But it does have great food and an interesting courtyard to while away some time with the mariachi band!

The marina in Cabo San Lucas, being $250 USD per night for us, (a tads out of our league), was the deciding factor in not venturing any further south on the Baja than La Paz. Cabo was so over the top with two cruise ships in and a million people (a lot anyway!) on the beach, with jet skis and pangas being very busy. A few yachts were along the beach a little rolling a little at anchor, obviously enjoying the serenity!

A little further on up the coast is the beautiful San Jose del Cabo and the town of Los Barilles. Whilst the ills of Cabo, in the form of high rise development resorts and hotels are slowly creeping in to San Jose, the old part of town is just divine! The beaches of course are stunning but awash with sports fishing boats.

On our way to the airport to meet Barn and Anita, we stayed a night in San Jose del Cabo and enjoyed wandering around the small streets looking at the galleries and enjoying the ambience. We have to confess that we just do not ‘get’ modern impressionist art, especially with price tags in the thousands. We wondered how many people by this art simply to have an Ɓrnold’ (or someone else of fame) on their wall???? It always looks something like the grandchildren could do!! Peter, being very artistic could take up modern impressionist art and make us a fortune!!

Beautiful courtyards are everywhere..very Mexican!

As for Barn and Anita, they can tell you their story, but here are some photos! We found all the wildlife - whales, turtles, seals and pods of dolphins. Barns even managed to catch his bigest fish!

Firstly, we did not want to get them confused as to which blue yacht they were on!!

Anita managed to helm..a little different from her dinghy.

Enjoyed some local food at interesting locations..

Explored the bays

Relaxed like the wildlife..

More exploring...

Lots of zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...


and even catching.....

A little too much enthusiasm of casting saw Barn fall off the boat and climb back on even faster!

Intensive land use...

 thatched palapas that are common in Mexico..

more beautiful beaches

Barnaby and Anita have some very important news to share....

So now its off north for our haul out in 3 weeks time for the hurricane season and necessary bottom jobs!  For the first time we are going to pay  someone to sand the bottom!

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