Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

April 22, 2009

Turning the Page

Two weeks before our departure to Queensland we sold Stolen Kiss!! With 5 days between getting off the hard at Spot On, signing the contract, settlement and packing up our personal items, we were quite busy!
Strange as things happen, we had had her on the market for over a year to see what might come of it. (It was too good to think that we may have sold her when we were almost at parity with the USD!) No interest what so ever. Within one hour of receiving a cheque for the deposit from the new owners in Darwin, a chap from Fremantle called and desperatly wanted to buy her. On the same day as signing the contract, I had a call from Perth offering me work!

The name..of course we keep!

As one door closes, another opens. We are looking primarily to purchase the new Stolen Kiss in the States. Good time to buy over there. We are weighing up the ideas of East Coast V West Coast. East Coast allows us to do the ICW, Panama, Cuba (my choice) and San Blas Islands (Peter's choice). West Coast, primarily Seattle allows us to go to Vancouver and cruise up to Alsaska. As yes, the next boat will have heating.

As far as designers go, Peter is following those what he knows (which is quite extensive). Of course S&S are at the top of our list, as are Frers. We have found a centreboard yacht the same configuration as the old Stolen Kiss, but not an S&S. That is tempting!

Peter has also found a possible purchase in Ipswich (his old home!) which gives us the option of not being in a hurry to move out of the UK or the Med!

However, if our boat purchase is anything like our property purchases, it will be totally impulsive and unexpected!

We have not been without a boat for 20 years. Being boatless is far worse than being homeless! However, a new adventure awaits!

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