Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

June 30, 2006

Seychelles Information, Port Victoria.


June 2006

Take plenty of cash with you – Euros or USD.


1. Naval Services. Ph 224 526. Access by dinghy from YC anchorage or on foot down lane beside chandlery on Latanier St.
2. Marine Engineering. Ph 373 439 Charlie Marzocchi.
son Charles. Ph 511 170


C/- Seychelles Yacht Club
Victoria, Mahe
Republic of Seychelles

Ph (248) 322 362
Manager – Patrick
Bar Manager - Julie


Diesel Mechanic - Father/son, South African, very nice and highly recommended. Ferdy and Marc. Ph 587 044

Electrician – Starter motors etc. Ralph. Ph 510 224

Sail Maker – Maxwell. Good work. Ph hm 267 021 mob 599 739

Fabricator/Welder Nelson. Ph 571 918

Chandlery – Top Gear is best.


What is out of stock one day may be there the next. Goods often cheaper than SE Asia. Just ask when shelves are being re-stocked.

2006 – New Supermarket opened on corner by round-a-bout on corner of Latiner St, on way to Docklands. Excellent!

On Quincy St, left heading north:

1. Quincy’s (has good Indian Spices)
2. Chez Deeno (good flour, plenta)

On Revolution Av, opp Police Station, up small alley:

1. Continent (has frozen meat, cleaning products etc)

On Albert Street:

1. SMB (for all staples, also has bakery)

On Latanier St

1. Docklands. (has goods imported from South Africa) Wine. Best range. Clean deli, fresh and frozen meat.

On Francis Hachel St, opposite the Court House:

1. Termoolji (poorly stocked but best bakery in town

On Huteau Lane:

1. Meat Corner (offshoot from SMB, fresh meat. Low prices)

Best market days are Thurs – Sat, especially for fish. Go early (8am).
Small courtyard beside flower shop in market has clean butchery with fresh pork at god prices.


Before eating in Tourist Hotels/Resorts ask what payment they accept as most will only accept USD/Euros, which makes them very expensive.

Boat House restaurant is excellent. Fantastic buffet every night, except Monday. 120 Rp per person. Catch Bus back to Beau Vallon (3Rp) around 6pm, then taxi to YC.

Yacht Club has nice lunch/diner for 35-45 rps

Good coffee at News Café
Good value take away off Money Changer #2 above.

NB Everything closes 12 noon Saturday for weekend.


1. On Rue Du BAzar, directly opposite main entrance to market: Chinese drapery/hardware shop. Usually has be spectacled 60-something lady sitting in doorway.
2. On Benezet Lane on right heading south from Rue Du Bazar: Indian clothing/drapery shop with 1 or 2 mattresses propped up on footpath beside door. (We used this one. He was excellent and honest, but do check your cash!)

NB: Be discreet and make sure you only deal with owner. Rates in June 05 and March 06 were double the bank rate @ $1 USD = 10 Rps
€1 = 12.5 Rps


1. Double Click, on Palm St in small group of shops opposite Cathedral. It is also a real café!

2. Upstairs, Trinity House, opposite Rue Du Bazar across from ‘News Cafe’, which has a
sandwich board on the footpath and outside balcony seating.

3. Koconet, up arcade beside The Pirates Arms, Independence Av.

4. Turn left outside YC and go towards roundabout. Across the road that runs back into town, there is a good internet in local phone company office.


Contact Bureau of Meteorology at the airport for a forecast from Seychelles to Male. They were very good at giving a prognosis relative to the activity of the ITCZ and where to best cross the equator.
Duty forecaster 384 070 or

See notes in Entry Doc for Seychelle Radio


We paid $120 USD for 1 month

1st 5 days 6-10 Days Over 10 Days
Less than 20 GT 50 Rp 40 Rp 30Rp

20 – 100 GT 75 Rp 50Rp 40 Rp

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