Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

April 16, 2007

Kudat Haul Out, April 2006

Penuwasa is the name of the boat yard.

Entrance to the pond is approx 5-6 m. Keep to the middle of the entrance.

Pond 06 53.449N 116 51.495E

email: (Robin Chung)

Ph +60 (0) 88 612 328
+60 (0) 88 614 327

They are good at answering emails. We left our anchor and chain to be galvanised in our absence and they ordered the antifouling paint for us, which was there when we arrived back to the boat.

It is a good idea to be well stocked on materials you may need for any work being done. (brushes/rollers, sandpaper etc) There is not a lot available in Kudat.

You can employ people to do the work for you if you so desire.

The travel lift in Kudat is 180 tonne (?) with double slings. Our LOA is 45 feet and we do not nee dto take our forestay off to be lifted. Excellent service with very careful, professional driver. The boats are well chocked with concrete blocks and wood.

Although the hardstand is unpaved and can get a bit muddy in the rain, there is excellent security and the possibilty of having the boat looked after in your absence.

Washing is done by the family who live in the yard for 2.50Rm per kilo.

Every yacht has their own shower/toilet. There are taps behind each boat but th ewater pressure is not adequate to be able to have a hose up on deck.

Rat problem is diminishing as they have a few dogs around. We had no problem with rats.

The resort adjacent to the yard allows yachties to use their pool and wifi for free. They also have a secure dinghy dock fo rthose who are anchored. Purchasing a drink and/or meal on occasion goes along way to supporting this relationship.

There is a small anchorage in the 'pond' outside the yard for anchoring. Generally good holding, however the anchor ofen drags up the odd plastic bag. Rubbish floating around can be a problem at times.

The local library (by the clock tower) is airconditioned and a great place to go and read the newspapers and the excellent selection of current magazines.

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