Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

February 26, 2007

Marine weather Malaysia/Phuket, including Borneo

Sail MailGrib files. Can get swell info as well if you open in maxsea.
Met Area Forecasts-met area X1: Bunguran covers approx Singapore to Bintulu; Reef South covers approx Bintulu to Kudat. Met 11 sg also covers Singapore to Sarawak.

Any Malaysian forecasts tend to over forecast as fishermen access this weather.

Internet - free weather information as well as subscription.

Can also access buoyweather info via sailmail. Costs $30 for 100 emails. Good weather for spot forecasts for wind/swell on passage. – navigate to wxmap. Excellent 7 day forecast for wind/swell – navigate to Asia and MSL Gradient Wind Analysis and also Indian Ocean. Good for big picture stuff ie location of lows, especially when heading off towards Sri Lanka. (Australian Bureau of Meteorology). – can find any city. Gives good rain prediction and has user friendly terminology like ‘tons of rain’! – good for anywhere and gives 7 day forecast. Navigate to Marine weather. Excellent for this region. Gives synoptic situation, satellite picture as well as wind and waves and radar for Singapore/Johore Baru. In our experience, this site tends to be more accurate than Malaysia forecasts as the latter tend to over forecast swell/wave heights and wind strength.

NB is an excellent website for information regarding the NE monsoon, especially the strength of the Mongolian High. Click on the JMA site (Japanese Meteorological Agency)See also notes here on Philippine weather information. is another excellent site that shows wind, waves and rain. Files downloaded from the internet can be used with MaxSea. This is a website which shows Geostationary images. EXCELLENT WORLD SITE. This has it all - wind, rain, sea temperature etc and satelite immagery.

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