Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

June 28, 2006

Information for Chagos 2006

We departed Gan, Maldives for Chagos early April, arriving one week before the SE monsoon set in.

NB C-map 2005 charts do not show any depths for the entrance to Salomon Atoll, but 2002 charts do. ‘Chart’ shown in the Indian Ocean Cruising Guide offers good guidance. Paper chart ‘Plans to Chagos Archipelago’ WGS 84 is accurate.

Entering Salomon Atoll, 2002 C-Map chart needs to be moved east to be accurate. The following waypoints were given to us for the entrance and are excellent with the minimum depth being 7m. You can see the reef to port around Ile de la Passe.

1. 05 18 00 S 72 14 40 E
2. 05 18 85 S 72 14 81 E

There is a sand patch to stb inside the entrance where some yachts anchor if there is poor light to traverse the atoll. It looked a little bumpy for us with the tide running, so we made our way over to Ile Anglais with Peter in the ratlines looking for coral heads. We had a clear run and anchored at 05 19 23 S 072 13 82 E in 10m coral/sand, flat bottom. The French tend to anchor here.

When traversing the atoll to go south to Boddam Is, stay over towards the east side of the atoll as there are less coral heads. Some coral heads are marked with floats, some are not. Away from coral heads, depth is over 10m.

We had fabulous weather for 9 weeks, with a few squalls to 25 knots and a few days of 22knots of SE winds. We chose to be on the west side of the Boddam anchorage – away from other yachts and have protection from west/NW squalls, should they arise like previous years. We also got to see the sunset and the turtle who lived on the bommie behind us! Some yachts anchored on the NE end of Takamaka in sand/rubble.

We were advised not to anchor in the sand patch between Ile Takamaka and Ile Foquet. Some yachts did as we had settled weather. The tide runs continuously from the east and can be up to 5 knots. (excellent for a snorkel though!) Yachts have had problems if a NW blow comes through the anchorage as tide has held them with their stern to the wind and they have dragged. Anchoring to one side tends to be preferable. On the southern end of Takamaka there is a great patch of sand which affords a good anchorage. Also near 'camp David'.

Other anchorages used before the SE trades set in are on Peros Banhos. There are anchorage restrictions here as well. Its a good idea not to mess with the British military!

There have been significant changes to Chagos that have been recently implemented by BIOT. It is important to check out the current situation.

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